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A Recruitment Case Study: Arthur Wright & Associates helps Ted Find a New Job

Ted's Unique Situation:

After ten years of hard work, the assembly plant where Ted was employed was about to merge with a competitor and move to its facilities to Mexico. Ted had put in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to take this current employer through ISO9000, QS9000, and TS16949 Registration. Additionally, he also helped implement Lean, Continuous Improvement, and Kaizan.

The last thing Ted wanted to do was to relocate to Mexico.  And, the thought of starting a job search from scratch left him frustrated because other traditional job recruiters just were not producing results.

The Arthur Wright Recruitment Solution:

Arthur Wright & Associates does not consider itself to be an ordinary recruitment firm.  Unlike other headhunters, we have the technical competence regarding electrical, plastic injection molding, and painting that Ted needed to guide him through his job search.  We also understood the discipline of industrial manufacturing and lean engineering. After meeting with Ted individually to talk through his career goals, we also met with his spouse to discuss her needs and concerns, as well as the family's needs.

Arthur Wright Gets Results!

With Arthur Wright's help, Ted got interviews at a medical, an automotive, and a durable goods manufacturing site.  But more importantly, Ted got multiple job offers.

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