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Are you considering Arthur Wright & Associates for your employment recruitment needs?  Read how we were able to help other industry-leading manufacturing, engineering, and operations companies find top talent.

Arthur Wright & Associates: Recruiting Services to Manufacturing, Operations, and Engineering Companies

Arthur Wright & Associates strives to present its manufacturing, operations, and engineering client companies with talented candidates who will not waste their time nor their money. We are familiar with the typical pitfalls organizations run into with traditional recruiting firms: you won't experience them with Arthur Wright & Associates.

Some of the major complaints we, as headhunters, hear from potential client companies are:

"We made what we felt was a very fair offer to the candidate, but they told us they wanted an amount that was totally out of line."

"After we have spent our time, money and efforts in interviewing a candidate, we made an offer, but their spouse would not move"

"Most search firms waste our time by presenting candidates who are not qualified for the position."

Arthur Wright's Proven Recruitment Process

In addressing these areas of concern, Arthur Wright has developed a proven recruitment process strategically designed to avoid typical recruitment hurdles.

Arthur Wright will take the following actions to fill your open manufacturing, operations, or engineering positions:

  • The Search Consultant will know the exact base salary plus any bonus, overtime, or other compensation the candidate is currently earning and most importantly, we will know the exact salary it will take for the candidate to make a move.

  • Prior to an interview with your company, our Search Consultant will speak directly with the applicant's spouse about possible relocation and the specific geographical area.

  • Any special requirements for the family such as special schools, medical facilities, athletics, etc. that could prevent a move into your area will be uncovered and discussed with the candidate by the Search Consultant up front.

  • Prior to an offer, we will conduct and forward to you written references and verification of the candidate's educational background.

Arthur Wright & Associates values and respects you

We will not waste your time with candidates who do not meet your technical job requirements.  Our Search Consultants will not inundate you with resumes of candidates that haven't considered moving to your specific geographic area.  Our track record is that we are able to fill a position by showing a company no more than three qualified individuals based on a directed search we conduct for you.

We at Arthur Wright & Associates look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.  For more information, or to speak with a Search Consultant, give us a call at 314-822-7400 or drop us an email.

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