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A Recruitment Case Study: Arthur Wright & Associates

One Unique Situation:

A top manufacturing facility had just received more than four million dollars worth of new stamping business. Immediately, the company needed to add a non-business unit full of Operations, Engineers, Safety, and Black Belt candidates. After trying job boards, help wanted ads, referrals, and other recruiting firms, the company's staffing recruiter was not having any luck with the candidates he was finding. The candidates tended to be unqualified technicians, did not want to relocate, rejected job offers, or accepted counter offers.

The Arthur Wright Recruitment Solution:

Arthur Wright & Associates was the answer to the manufacturing company's staffing problem. From the very beginning, an Arthur Wright Search Consultant spent the necessary time to address the unique needs of the organization, specifically within the areas of machining, foundry, and rubber extrusion.

Within hours, Arthur Wright found and submitted qualified candidates that were willing to relocate to the area and accept positions within the salary structure. More importantly, the candidates were in agreement with the organization's culture and basic principles.

Arthur Wright Gets Results!

Candidates that Arthur Wright & Associates referred took the positions in the non-business unit and are still with the company today. Some employees are still at their original location while others have been promoted. Arthur Wright & Associates excelled over other firms because of their ability to use cost, time, and quality in their search for candidates fitting the specific job descriptions of the client company.


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